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The Carillon Neighborhood: A History [Softcover]
Item #: 10263
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 By Elizabeth O’Leary

First-time visitors to the Carillon neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia, often register surprise when discovering the tucked-away community immediately west of William Byrd Park. The area gets its name from the park’s looming bell tower, the Carillon, which was built generations earlier as a World War I memorial. The area around it is far more impressive than it initially seems: four hundred and twenty-seven residents—with a diverse populace in age, lifestyles, and political and economic standing—an elementary school and two churches. The Carillon is surrounded physically by landmarks as well, to the east, Byrd Park, south the James River. The area boasts a rich history spanning from the jazz age, postwar housing boom, and civil rights activism. Such history continues today in various local events and seems to culminate politically when—on the same grounds as those civil rights activities—15,000 people assembled there to welcome the nation’s first African American Present.

56 pages, Softcover, Carillon Civic Association, 2013.